Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Much Speculation!

There is a new wave of speculation that there are at least 2 unknown (silent) verbals to the CATS at this point. I continue too think that there is truly a "surprise" commit as there normally is with the CATS. Another, one of the names bandied about continues to be Jerrell Priester. My guess is that this is probably correct, if so, he will probably redshirt his freshman year.


  1. Where do you get this crap from? The kid has stated several times except for your little blog that he is committed to Vanderbilt. Everyone that knows him knows he's committed to Vanderbilt. People might be going over to his facebook or trying to blow up his telephone to try to pry him away but the kid and his family want him to go to Vanderbilt and despite what you try to say, it's not impossible for him to get into Vandy.

  2. I never said it was impossible. Priester told me personally that he needs an 18 on the ACT or he would have to go to prep school becuase he wouldn't get in at Vandy.

    No one is trying to pry him away from any school. I was personally recruited by Vandy, great school and if Priester wants to go there, then great. It's his decision. Like he told me, "I'm torn" and "50/50" "neither school leads".

    Check out some other UK sites too. He is telling them the same thing. The bottom line, we will know next week for sure.

  3. You are either (a) dumb, (b) misinformed, (c) dishonest, or (d) all of the above.

    Seriously. The kid is coming to VU. Stop with the false propaganda.

  4. Why does he wear Vandy gear in pictures he puts on his facebook then? What an idiot. This site is good for a laugh though.

  5. There is no propaganda or agenda going on here. Jerrell told me the first time I spoke to him that he was committed to Vandy, but still thinking about Kentucky. The second time I spoke with him he told me that he was 50/50. We will find out for sure next week.