Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Offensive Talent --So Far!!

Here is a mini Breakdown of the Offensive Players that have verbally committed to UK up to this point. Photo on left is of Teven Eatmon.

Kenarious Gates (OL)-probably projects at either Guard or Right Tackle. He may actually see the field in ’10, but a redshirt definitely makes him a real player for the future. He definitely has a future by the ’11 season.

Nermin Delic (TE)-also projects as a possible DE. He does not seem to have any speed to play on offense (TE) and is not big enough for the O-line, wherever he plays, look for him to redshirt. If, he comes in about 35 to 40 lbs heavier and stronger then he might get a look at Strong Side Defensive End. I am definitely in the minority here, but he was a great defensive player in Georgia.

Ronnie Shields (TE)-has the height for the position and probably the speed as well. He is probably already somewhere in the rotation behind Ryan Wallace (the Native Kentuckian who transferred back to UK), et al. A Redshirt would help him, but if he can gain 20 lbs and not lose any speed, he might zoom up the depth chart. Kentucky is almost destitute at this position, if not ’10 season then definitely for the ’11 season.

Tyler Robinson (TE)-again, probably needs to redshirt (as do most kids). He has also been projected as a DE, or an interior O-lineman. If he wants to play TE, he needs to get faster. If the staff says O-line, or D-line, he will need to get bigger. He and Delic are probably the most versatile players in this class.

Teven Eatmon (TE)-is listed as a TE, but someone needs to pull him aside and ask him if he wants to make $100M in his lifetime. If he answers yes, then they need to prep him to play offensive left tackle (OLT) and leave him there (he already has the skill set at 6 ft 7 in, 280 lbs, and pretty good movement). If he would spend about 10 to 12 hours a week in the weight room between now and the fall, he may already be the #3 OLT on the depth chart before ever having stepped on the field. If, he answers no to the question, the staff needs to ask him again if he wants to make $100Min his lifetime.

Tyler Brause (QB)-definitely a hard one to figure out. He is listed as a QB. Maybe he is. This much is true, the staff saw something that they like and hopefully it translates to success on the field (Every time I look at him, I see a TE, but we will see).

Raymond Sanders (RB)-he is small shifty, great speed and movement. He reminds me of Derrick Locke with a little less speed, but a whole lot more football. He easily projects as a kickoff returner next year, and possibly a punt returner as well. Can he take an SEC pounding at the RB position?

Joseph Mansour (K)-Named Kicker of the Decade in Georgia. Does anything else need to be said? BTW, barring injury, he will leave UK as the All-Time Scoring Leader. Mansour reportedly kicked a 59 yard field goal in HS.

Hopefully, this will help all of us understand where this class is in terms of depth and talent.

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  1. The kicker is a HUGE get in my opinion. Having range for more points is incredible. But also, for kick off duties. If he can consistently get touhbacks, they will help a lot. It makes a huge difference to keep the other teams best athletes from getting the ball on special teams. Especially in a league like the SEC.