Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quick thought on Rajaan Bennett

With Rajion Neal decommiting from Mississippi State and giving his pledge to the Vols, many are wondering if that will help UK land Rajaan Bennett. Based on reports, Bennett was going to visit UT and then make his final decision. It would not surprise me to see both Neal and Bennett in Knoxville. UK's recruitment with Bennett has seemed hot and cold. I believe if Bennett wanted to be a Cat, he would have already committed. We will find out next Wednesday for sure.


  1. ends up at Vandy or Miss. State

  2. Wow, three posts by "Anonymous" so I'll assume it's three different people, but all I ask is that you state your facts! It appears it's a three way race between Vandy, UK and UT.

    My gut says, UT, but then Neal decommitted and came on board.

    Why Vandy?

  3. Vandy it is, sorry UK fans

  4. Johnson was seeing kids in SC today, so he could have stopped in GA too.