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DENVER: Denver comes into the draft having add free agents: Jamal Williams (NT), Jarvis Green (DE), and Brady Quinn (QB); however, in the last 2 years, they have traded away their 2 best offensive playmakers: Jay Cutler (QB), and Brandon Marshall (WR)—at least they have draft picks. The needs of the team for this year include: OG/OC, WR, DL, OLB, CB and Safety.

Many are predicting them taking “Hollywood” Dez Bryant, but why would you pick him when you just basically traded away the same type of player in B Marshall? An interior O-Lineman makes sense (M Pouncey or M Iupati), but they draft to high to pick either of these 2 players. If they go CB, Joe Hayden would probably be gone, but K Wilson would be there. Also, last year they traded away a #1 pick for CB Alphonso Smith which would be admitting to a mistake in last year’s draft. My best guess would be either Dan Williams a DL from Tennessee or a Rush OLB.

K. C. CHIEFS: The draft needs of the Chiefs are numerous and include: WR, OLT, TE, OG/OC, Nose Tackle, DE, Linebacker (both inside and out), and Safety. They do have some extra draft picks which should help them fill some of these needs; however, given their recent history of drafting (see Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson etc), filling their current needs might be a pipe dream.

The most logical choice for them would be OLT. This would allow them to move B Albert from OLT to either ORT or a Guard position and strengthen at least 2 positions with one pick. They could then come back in the 2nd round and use both picks there to strengthen the defense IE a Safety and a Rush OLB. At some point, they also need to pick up a WR to pair with Bowe in order to make the offense more of a threat. Also, do not rule them taking a QB at some point, as the jury is still out on Matt Cassell.

OAKLAND: The situation in Oakland actually seems to be stabilizing which is amazing in itself. The sooner that they cut ties with Jamarcus Russell (Bruce Gradkowski had a better year than Russell and is more well liked and respected by all in the organization) the better off, they will be (especially since no one in the building trusts or likes him). This team is not destitute of talent, and they did pick up Kamerion Wimberly (LB/DE?) from Cleveland for a 3rd Rounder. The main draft needs are: QB (at least a backup QB), OLT, WR (D Heyward-Bey was a major bust last year), DE, and Safety.

The Raiders do not need to pick a WR or Safety (T Mays and M Huff are both much the same players) in the 1st round. They probably will not pick a QB in the 1st round (they will no doubt prove me wrong with this). They should pick an impact D-Lineman and an OLT (if possible) which would allow them to control both Lines of Scrimmage. A WR, QB, and Safety can be added later which make for a good haul for the silver and black. The Nation is definitely looking better than in has been in the past few years.

SAN DIEGO: The Chargers got lucky with the NFL contract issues and were able to keep their key players that they would have no doubt lost if a Collective Bargaining Agreement were in place. The needs for the team include: Nose Tackle, RB, ILB, CB, and OT in that order. The Bolts did add Donald Strickland, but he is a player who is very average and looks to be the #3 CB on the team.

Someone like Tay Cody could come in and get some serious playing time with the team this year and be an anchor for the next 10 yrs. Running Backs can be had in the 2nd and 3rd rounds and often pan out better than 1st round picks anyways (especially since they now have a high 2nd rounder due to the Whitehurst coup against the Seahawks). After this year, they have no ILBs, so this position is also in need of an upgrade and teams always need CBs so that position will be addressed as well later in the draft.

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