Friday, April 16, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Needs AFC EAST


AFC East:

Buffalo: They need a QB, OLT, WR, and D-line help. If Clausen is at #9, they need to pull the trigger. If he is gone, they need to consider the best OLT. If neither are the pick, they need to consider one of the lesser DTs on the board like Dan Williams from Tennessee. Do not look for a WR till at least the 3rd round, but they need to get L Evans some help.

Miami: With the signing of Brandon Marshall, the offense may look to add a young running back later in the draft (Round #3 or later). On Defense, Dolphins need to add pass rushing ability and Secondary help especially at Free Safety. Rumors swirl that Ronnie Brown is gone via trade. Rumors also persist that the Dolphins may be trading down (Philly). If they stay put, and can get Sergio Kindle from Texas, the defense will take a huge upswing. The guess here is that they trade down and stockpile picks. If they trade down with Philly, and Earl Thomas is on the board count him a Dolphin.

N. Y. Jets: Let’s see, they have added: LaDanian Tomlinson (RB), Antonio Rogers-Cromartie (CB) and Santonio Holmes (WR). The team is built to win now, so they can go in several different directions. They still need a D-lineman, a rush OLB to replace blown pick V Gholston, and someone to eventually replace Alan Faneca (OG). Look for them to get the best defensive player on the board whether they stay put or trade down. If a premier NT is there, I think that they pounce. The replacement for Faneca will be about Round #3 or later.

New England Patriots: This team got old quick, but the cupboard is by no means bare. They need a rush LB, a young WR to groom, a RB, and some help in the secondary. Add to this, they also need D-line help at some point most probably a DE (they seem to have the NT thing in good not great order at this point). If a rush LB is there, Bill will take him, if not look for the pick to be a RB (unless they trade down). I think they try to trade down (but then again, they have enough picks to do almost anything). If they do trade up, look for it to be a premier OLB.

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