Sunday, April 18, 2010



CHICAGO: The Bears come into the draft with no 1st or 2nd Round Draft picks due to the Jay Cutler trade, yet they have plenty of needs which still need to be addressed even with the additions of Julius Peppers (DE), and Chester Taylor (RB). Other needs for the team include: OLT, OG, WR, FS, and CB. Their best philosophy would be to stick with their board and try to address as many needs as they can by starting with the Offensive Line.

DETROIT: Over the last 10 years or so, the Lions have been the Poster Child for ineptitude (they actually we 0-16 in the 2008 season). There is hope in the Motor City and they may be closer to playoff contenders quicker than most realize. During the offseason, they add Kyle Van Den Bosch (DE), Nate Burleson (WR), and Shaun Hill (a backup QB). The needs that the Lions need to fill this year include: DT, OLT, CB, RB, and OLB (depth).

With the 2nd pick, most are thinking that the Lions will pick Ndamukong Suh the DT which would be an excellent choice. They could then come back in the 2nd round and pick up a CB and really solidify the defense, and follow up with a RB in the 3rd Round. If the Lions do pick an OLT, look for DT to be the 2nd Round pick. With the improvement of M Stafford as a 2nd yr starting QB, Detroit will surprise some teams this year.

GREEN BAY: Aaron Rodgers came into his own last yr and showed that he does indeed have the ability to lead a team into the playoffs. The team has gotten old in a couple of areas specifically at CB, and at OT, additionally they also need more talent at the Safety position which would upgrade the team. A Punter and another string caliber RB would also be welcome additions to the fold.

The Packers draft so low in the round that it is difficult to determine what they will doing in the first round. If there is a CB available, they should probably draft one and worry about OT in the 2nd round. Also, do not underestimate the Packers moving (especially down in this draft).

MINNESOTA: The Vikings signed no free agents of note and have holes to fill. The major needs of the team seem to be OLT, ORG, DT, CB (probably 2 of them), Safety, and QB. Like the Packers, the Vikings draft so low that it is difficult to tell what would be available to them when they do select.

The most glaring need for the team seems to be at CB. A starting CB such as Patrick Robinson would be a welcome addition to the fold and help cushion the loss of some starters who may not be ready for the beginning of the season due to injuries late last season. A DT needs to be added within the top 3 rounds to backup the aging Williams Wall, a Starting caliber QB needs to be added if they can find one in the mid-rounds, as does an immediate starting ORG and an OLT which can start sooner rather than later.

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