Friday, April 16, 2010



ARIZONA: The Cardinals lost Karlos Dansby (ILB) (who had a bad ’09 season), traded Anquan Bolden (WR) (to the Ravens), and lost Antrel Rolle (Safety) to the Giants. Additionally Kurt Warner retired; however, some of the losses were offset by the addition of pass rushing specialist OLB Joey Porter, and Safety Kerry Rhodes (from the Jets). There are still many needs of the Cardinals including: OLT, QB, DE, and LB (both inside and outside).

If the Cardinals stay put look for them to go for a pass rushing OLB if one is available, if there is not one available look for them to go with an OLT (again, if one ranks high enough). They do sit low enough in the 1st round to possibly trade down and pick up some picks. The main concern for the team is for them to decide if Matt Leinhart is the long term answer at QB, if he works out, that will determine the success of the Cards for this year.

SAN FRANCISCO: When Mike Singletary took over for the 49ers, the change in the team was immediate. The needs for the team include: a backup QB (Shaun Hill was traded to Detroit), ORT, Free Safety, WR, OLB (a pass rusher), and possibly Nose Tackle. As with the Seahawks, San Fran has 2-1st Round picks (#13 and #17). They are in a very prestigious position since there is a moderate drop off in talent at about this point on the draft, and they are somewhat talented, so a trade down might be sensible for them.

The team should probably roll with a pass rusher first to help take some of the pressure off of the Secondary, also they could add a CB in the class which would really remake the back 7 on defense. Most have associated an ORT as one of the 1st round picks which also makes sense, but would not 2 difference makers desirable and a passive player (ORT) being taken in the 2nd round. Whoever the pick, Singletary will make sure that he is tough, somehow Brian Bulaga seems to get the nod in that situation.

SEATTLE: Pete Carroll takes over a team with 2- 1st round picks (#6 and #14), and as many needs as anyone in the draft including: OLT, QB, RB, DT, CB, DE, and Safety. The Seahawks got taken by the Chargers in the Charlie Whitehurst trade and need to figure out quickly whether or not he is any type of answer for replacing M Hasselback. If they are smart, they will try to trade back at the #14 slot and add some more firepower for either this draft or for 2011.

Somehow, you would think that they need to pick both an OLT and then the best D-lineman when they select again later in the 1st round; however, for a team that lacks firepower, C. J. Spiller would also make all kinds of sense. A developmental QB should be added in the latter rounds as an insurance policy with a playmaking safety added at some point as well.

St. Louis: The Rams have definitely fallen on hard times of late and it is almost a foregone assumption that they will take Sam Bradford with the 1st overall pick. Given the teams previous drafts, it is hard to imagine this team is as dearth of talent given previous high draft picks. Other needs for the team include: WR, DT, RB, DE, OLB, and CB. If Bradford is the pick, the Rams need to get some playmakers of some type, or Bradford (a rookie QB) will have almost no one to throw to, or hand the ball off to. Adam Karriker has been mentioned as trade bait and it would make sense for the team to move him especially since they have so many needs.

If Bradford goes at #1, look for the team to add either a DT or WR in the 2nd round of course trading down would also make sense, but not everyone can always trade down. Look for a RB in the 3rd or 4th round and more defensive depth later in the draft. Arrelious Benn would make sense in the 2nd round given his speed and the fact that St. Louis definitely needs some playmakers this year or they will be in this same situation again next year.

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