Saturday, April 17, 2010

An article on Mr. All World

CFN also has an article about "Mr. ALL WORLD" Randall Cobb. The article is kind of confusing, it makes it sound kinda like Cobb played QB his Freshman year and is only a 2nd yr starter at WR. Other than the QB confusion, the article is very good and reveals Randall's heart and how he cares for others less fortunate.


  1. Great article. Note the author's comment that "Cobb has had a knack in his first two seasons for saving his best moments when the game is hanging in the balance in the final quarter".

    Cobb's performance is often magical. That is why I like to call him "The Prestige".

  2. He is indeed a very special player. Let's hope his work ethic and passion rubs off on more players.