Thursday, April 29, 2010

Captains Breakfast

In another cool move by Joker Phillips, he has started the annual Captain's breakfast before the Blue & White game. I think it's great Joker is bringing back former Cats to mingle with the current Cats. I personally saw Andre Woodson, Wesley Woodyard and Tony Dixon in attendance at the game. This is another way for Joker to put his finger prints on this program.


  1. UK has done things like this in the past--great for keeping the former Lettermen involved in the program...Was this Captain's Breakfast something Joker started for all of the former Lettermen to attend or just the former Captain's? (I'm assuming it was just for the former Captain's). Just curious if anybody knows.

  2. With the above mentioned, me and my son also saw Jacob Tamme on the sidelines as well