Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David Turner getting more help this fall?

Rumors continue to abound that Donte Rumph (DL from La Grange--oops South Carolina) has indeed been cleared to enroll this fall. I have not been able to credibly verify this, but this same rumor was about last year, and the rumor turned out to be not true!

**UPDATE: Of course he is from South Carolina--his uncle is the D-line coach at Clemson

Thanks for setting me straight!

Sorry for the confusion


  1. Rumph is a DL out of St Matthews, SC. Not LaGrange. He played for Calhoun Co. HS just like the Jeffery brothers.

  2. Would he be a tackle or an end?

  3. The first two time he signed he was projected to play DE, now the reports suggest he will play DT. Let's get him on campus first! Considering UK has signed so many DE's, my gut would say he will play DT.