Sunday, April 25, 2010

Game Tidbits

1. D Russell had a couple of good runs, one was for 70 yards down to about the 15 yard line or so

2. Quazilla had the hit of the game on D Russell on a run to the left

3. Both L King and C Matthews looked good and someone is going to have to stop them and Cobb this season. King had (4?) receptions which were big time plays, same with C Matthews

4. The Line of Scrimmage Battle was pretty intense with neither side getting a decisive victory

5. The Defense looks to be much more aggressive

6. The Offense is trying to air it out more

7. Once things "Click" for some of the younger players, this team will make some noise for the upcoming season. The youth and inexperience were evident at several points in the game

8. We will need to 1st 2 games to get some of the young talent settled in on the field

9. The attitude and intensity was much higher than in the past games that I have attended recently

10. Again, we are much closer than many think to being a very successful team

11. Defensive Player of the Game: Winston Guy (2 INTs and should have had at least on more), followed by M Cobble who was in the backfield a lot of the game, and Danny Trevathan who had his name called 5-6 times in the game (at least 1 sack, several tackles and may have had an INT)

12. Offensive Player of the Game: hard to tell given the structure of the game, but it might have been between L King and D Russell. Both were making some pretty good plays at times in the game

13. The O-line seems to be coming along and will be ok (The sky is not falling here as some so called fans seem to wish!)

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