Monday, April 26, 2010

A Simplified View of Where we are

Here is an over simplification of what the CATS should look like for the '10 season at this point.

QB: Better--Both Newton and Hartline are better. Mossakowski is pushing them both.

RB: Better--there is more depth and playmaking ability before the freshmen get here

WR: Better--there are more of them with playmaking ability, and they (L King, C Matthews, and B Adams) simply understand the system better

TE: Better--I said at the beginning of the '09 season to expect better play at the position due to us having 3 Seniors there; instead, their play was horrendous throughout the season. We now have Melillo with playing time, Justin Aumiller and A Smith (a 4 * recruit) in the fold, we will see better play here, but by how much?

FB: Worse--but we have improved enough everywhere else that it is a moot point

O-line: Push--not near as deep especially with D Ulinski about another hard concussion away from ending his career. C Burden is a huge surprise. The strength of the line is in the middle with: M Davis, M Smith, S Hines, and L Warford all with starts and serious time on the field. Add to that S Simpson and K Mitchell (who has moved to guard) and the depth chart is huge on talent and experience.

OT is another story. B J Murphy and C Burden look to be fighting it out on the left while B Durham is a starter on the right. Ulinksi is 1 hard concussion away from ending his playing career and T Woods looks to be either #2 or #3 depending on Ulinski's status. Again, this is before the Freshmen get to UK. One of the Freshmen might actually push for backup time at OT--T Eatmon? We have the 1st 3 games to get the depth chart set and lined out before we begin SEC Play. A significant injury at an OT position would hurt, 2 injuries would be brutal, but overcomeable with this roster which has not been the case in the past


DE: Much better--both T Wyndham and D Evans have significant starts and playing time. Additionally, they have flashed playmaking ability, are stronger, know the system better and both come in highly motivated and dedicated to the cause. J Henderson adds talent and his early arrival only helps in terms of depth. P Ligon is probably the #4 DE followed by Ukwu. Will one of the Freshmen be able to come in and make a case for PT this year?

DT: Worse--The loss of C Peters to a team like UK can not be underestimated. The 4 deep looks to be M Cobble, M Crawford, R Lumpkins and S McCord probably in that order. Experience is much better at the position than last year, but who replaces the production of Peters? Can B Laughlin or someone else come in and be ready to play as a true Freshman? We are probably still a year away from this becoming a talented group (Cobble is the cornerstone and I would suspect B Laughlin the other building block)

WLB: Better and Worse--D Trevathan started last year and played well. Look for him to really step up this year even moreso than last year. True depth and playmaking ability behind him looks to be sparse. R Mosby has not had a very good spring and W Johnson looks to be the #2 by default. Will any of the Freshmen come in ready to play at the position? We desperately need someone to push Trevathan from a talent stand point

MLB: Worse but better as the season wears on--R Sneed and Q Huzzie are battling it out. Do you want experience (Sneed)? or playmaking ability and range (Huzzie)? Huzzie needs serious time in the 1st 3 games in order to become a starter (unless he is named the starter from the outset?) What impact will A Williamson have on the position once he gets to campus in June? Trust me, he plans on showing up big time (just the messenger here)!

SLB: Worse but again should get better as the season wears on--R Wilson has the chance to become "The Man" at the position very early in his collegiate career. He is replacing S Maxwell who had 6 INTs last year. Ridge did have a bunch of tackles at the Spring Game, can he continue to step his game up? Does J Dufrene get the position by default? Will a Freshman make an impact on the depth chart here? Getting the starter, and the #2, on the depth chart lots of experience in the 1st 3 games is paramount.

CB: Better--T Lindley played poorly at times last year. We are now deeper, and more talented at this position than we have been in the last 40 yrs and that is before D Trimble gets here and trust me, he has already made it know that he will take a seat to noone for time on the field. Yeah, given what I have seen, he can back it up. Discipline will be the key here.

Safety: Better--C Harrison was a nice player, but J Walker, J Gibbs, D Tyler etc look to have more game than him (nothing bad about Calvin, but the talent level has increased). W Guy is one of the Top 4 playmakers (maybe #1?)on Defense and has significant experience and talent. T Smith has played as well, can he take it to the next level?

Special Teams:

I seriously can not comment here. My wife will not let me ::smiling::


  1. Don't forget the granger bailey at S, unless he gets the WLB spot to add depth

  2. This is well done. It is thorough and pretty accurate, I think.

    It occurs to me, as I read about the guys we currently have on defense and the youth they represent, and then look at a very impressive haul of incming freshmen, that UK is building a stellar defense. Our current defense is talented, young and deep, and most of the really interesting incoming freshmen are either LBs, DBs or DEs. I hate to look 2 years down the road when it is only April of 2010, but I think we are going to see a defense at UK that has not been seen since the days of Art Still.

  3. Bailey still has work to do to enroll this summer. However, if he makes it this summer, he will be a factor.

    As far as UK's defense, they are building a very nice defense, but we have to recruit better at the DT spot. The future looks bright.

    GO CATS!

  4. Looks pretty good except DE...Ukwu is clearly the top reserve. And he may continue to start depending on how well Taylor returns from his time out.