Thursday, April 22, 2010


Make your Spring Game Predictions HERE!!

Player of the Game: Offense

Player of the Game: Defense

Best O'lineman:

Best Hit:

Best Play of the Game:

Surprise Player:

Anything else you can think of!!


  1. Player of Game Offense: Jonathan George
    Player of Game Defense: Danny Trevathan

    Best OLineman: Chandler Burden
    Best Hit: Qua Huzzie

    Play of the Game: Pick 6 by Cartier Rice

    Suprise Player: Morgan Newton

  2. Player of the game offense: Mike Hartline
    Player of the game defense: Ronnie Sneed

    Best OL: Larry Warford
    Best Hit: Qua Huzzie

    Play of the game: Dakota Tyler with Int return for TD

    Surprise Player: Brian Adams

  3. I really like Brian Adams at the practices I have seen...any chance he works into the rotation this season at WR?

  4. Here goes

    Offensive Player of Game: Donald Russell

    Best QB of Game: M Hartline followed closely by M Newton

    Player of Game Defense: D Trevathan

    Best OL: Stuart Hines

    Surprise OL: C Burden

    Best Hit: Quazilla Huzzie

    Play of Game: 2 of them

    1. 60 yard run by D Russell for Offense

    2. Defensive INT for a TD for Defense

    Surprise Players on Defense: Mister Cobble and Mark Crawford

    Surprise Player on Offense: N Melillo


    1. M Davis locks down OC position

    2. There will be a surprise player moved to SLB at some point