Monday, April 19, 2010

Players starting to adjust

Chip Cosby writes about the UK players and coaches getting used to one another. In particular the article talks about the relationships David Turner, Mike Summers and Tee Martin are starting to build with their players. All three coaches take a different approach including Joker Phillips compared to Rich Brooks. The article gives good insight with comments from Stuart Hines and DeQuin Evans.

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  1. I think of the three new hires (coaching positions) I'm most excited with Tee Martin. Yes I'm a fan of his. Watched him when he was on Talkin Football as a commentator. But as a WR coach if he can get full production from our WR's two postions improve. WR's and QB. One helps the other. And no I'm not forgetting what a line coach does for the offense does either, improves production, its just I'm excited at the potentional payoff of a new improved passing game.