Sunday, April 25, 2010

Post Blue & White Game Notes

Here is a quick recap of the interviews and notes after the game yesterday.

Tee Martin told me he is "working with friends" at Kentucky. He is excited and felt the receivers "got better" during the game. As far as the receiving rotation he said, "we have a strong five and will take two more" on the bus for games. He also confirmed he took over Joker's recruiting responsibilities and cited Atlanta and Louisiana in particular.

Chris Matthews told me he feels better about the system and has a much better understanding of what they are trying to do on offense. He also told me blocking on the outside was big focus for him. When asked about any personal goals he said, "Win the SEC Championship."

Randall Cobb told reporters he didn't have his best day, but didn't have his worse day either. He did say the young guys seemed a little timid, but overall had a very good spring. I asked him about the "Wild Cobb" and he told me he wouldn't make any predictions, but they would go to it when they needed to. He worked on punt returns during the scrimmage and told me they didn't practice any kick off returns this spring.

Ryan Mossakowski told reporters he "felt comfortable in the pocket". He knows now what he needs to work on this summer. He also said he will support whoever is the starting quarterback 110%. I heard him say, "I took a couple of strides forward."

Joker Phillips liked the competition and thought it was fair. He pointed out the team has to get better on 3rd down. He thought the offense did a good job of moving the ball, but said the One's didn't put the ball in the end zone. He also felt the QB's commanded respect in the huddle. He liked the QB's making plays with their feet. He pointed out Donald Russell is making a case for the backup RB spot. Joker still feels the the safety position is key for the defense this year. He felt the defense missed too many tackles and pointed out Cobble's missed tackle at the goal line. He also had praises for Trevathan, Crawford and Wilson. He wants Trevathan to be more vocal as a leader.
Former Cats Andre Woodson, Wesley Woodyard and Jacob Tamme were all in attendance. I didn't see Tamme, but did see Woodson and Woodyard.


  1. Tee Martin: "As far as the receiving rotation he said, "we have a strong five and will take two more" on the bus for games."

    So, who are the five? I would think Cobb, Matthews, King and Fields for sure, right? Who is the 5th -- Roarke or Adams? I would guess McCaskill and Boyd are still lagging behind, with Boyd probably bringing up the rear?

  2. Thanks for info, I would think Cobb, Matthews, King and Fields for sure too..

  3. such a cool idea!! crocheting intimidates me, but if I ever learn, this will be the first item I make :)

  4. this was a great game. glad someone had watched and posted about it.