Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top Defensive Stars for the '10 Season

Who do you think that the Top 3-4 Defensive Stars will be this upcoming year?

Who will be the surprise player for the upcoming season?


  1. I would think Evans, Trevathan, Guy. Surprise player will either be Cobble, Huzzie or Ridge Wilson. I look for those guys to come on halfway through the season and be difference makers.

    Surprise defensive freshman will be Williamson

  2. Burden, Trevathan, Guy. Surprise players will be Jarvis Walker, Qua Huzzie, and Mister Cobble.

  3. Guy, Trevathan, Evans, Wyndham. I like our talent at DE although our depth is a concern.

    Next up would be Cobble and Huzzie.

    Also, Derek, if I'm not mistaken, Burden is playing offensive tackle full time now.

  4. Could he have been referring to Randall Burden at CB?

    Stars: Guy, Evans, Wyndham
    Surprise Freshman: Trimble, Cobble