Monday, May 24, 2010

The 10 Greatest Football Teams of All Time

The Bleacherreport has an article detailing "The Greatest College Football Teams of All Time". Interestingly, the Greatest team of all time was left off of the list!

You see, back in 1898, the University of Kentucky had a football team (Football started at UK in 1881 and Kentucky was one of the very first colleges to actually field a team) which has become know as "The Immortals" which were coached by W. R. Bass. The team went 7-0 for the year and to this day, remain the ONLY College Football Team which has been UNDEFEATED, UNTIED, and UNSCORED UPON!! How can you get better than that?

Interestingly enough, the largest player on the team weighed a whopping 147 lbs.


  1. Well everyone is wanting to rename our football field to get that basketball name off of it. Couldn't be a better name than after the coach
    that did that!

  2. I agree totally !!! W.R. Bass field has a great ring to it; sounds like a very hard place to travel to and win. Go CATS !!!!!