Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2011 Future Watch- DB's

DB Offers (known)

Alex Dixon, Andrew Johnson, Bruce Dukes, Damian Swann, Eilar Hardy, Jared Boyd, Justin Coleman, Robenson Therezie, Ronnie Harris, Flo Hardin, Avery Walls, Chris Sanders, Darren Waller, Devanta Burns

DB Watch List

Calvin Caldwell, Chris Tavarez, David Stevenson, Daylen Hall, Jaylen Harris, Ken Mullen, Leon Melvin, Mitchell Nelson, Nick Waisome, Pat Martin, Steven Montgomery, Anthony Swain, Franklin Shannon, Jalen Harrington, Nick Temple, Tony McNeal

Already Committed

Jalen Harrington (Louisville), Zep Grimes (Illinois), Jermaine Whitehead (Miss St.), Glen Faulkner (Kentucky)


Eilar Hardy likes the SEC, Damian Swann is considering the Cats, The Cats are pursuing Flo Hardin and Tee Martin has called Pat Martin to sell him on UK. David Stevenson and Jared Boyd are Stephenson High School products that could follow their teammates to Lexington while most of the others seem to be in the “evaluation process” right now. The Cats are making a push for Darren Waller and his teammate Troy Gray.

Most likely to be a Cat

Damian Swann, Eilar Hardy, Jared Boyd, Flo Hardin and Darren Waller. Swann could be recruited as an athlete, but most feel he will play corner. Some reports suggest Hardy could play either corner or safety. Boyd projects as a corner at the next level while both Hardin and Waller are safety candidates.


  1. The other day rivals had Alex Dixon's top 2 as UK and UNC. It no longer says that. Do you know if there was any truth to this?

  2. I have no knowledge of the situation.

  3. Daylen Hall has been offered by Marshall and Murray State.