Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2011 SAFETIES with UK Offers

UK has already signed Glen Faulkner of E. St. Louis HS as a Safety for the 2011 Class (it remains to be seen as to how strong the commitment really is to the CATS.

Here are some Safeties with Offers:

Eilar Hardy: Central OH 6 ft 4.49 in the 40 yard 15 Offers: SEC-UK and Vandy Others: Cincy, ILL, UL, Indiana, Michigan State, Notre Dame and WVU. It will be hard to break him out of Big 11 Country, but he might. MY best guess is either ND, Michigan State, or WVU.

Darren Waller: Kennesaw GA 6 ft 5in 4.4 in the 40 yard 1 Offer: UK

Franklin Shannon: Skyline TX 6 ft 2 in 13 Offers: SEC-UK and Arkansas Others: Baylor, Iowa, Neb, OK, and Tex A&M Will be hard to break him out of the Big 12

Avery Walls: Union Grove GA 5 ft 11 in 4.5 in the 40 yard 27 Offers That says it all. Definitely a loooooong shot

Florisse Hardin: Ballard KY 6 ft 4.5 in the 40 yard 2 Offers: UK and Indiana If he commits to UK it will be late in the process. Has a few teammates going to Louisville.

Alex Dixon: Countryside FL 8 Offers: SEC-UK Others: FSU, Neb, N Car, Rutgers, and WVU

Robinson Therezie: Jackson FL 5 ft 10 in 8 Offers: SEC-6 including UK Others: FSU, and Tex Tech

Julius Pendergrass: Chester SC 5 ft 10 in 2 Offers: UK and Arkansas


  1. I am not sure why folks seem to think that Faulkner's commtiment is so tenuous. Is it just because he is so good? I have never seen anything tepid in his comments nor have I seen any concrete reason to doubt his commitment.

    Do you know something we do not, or is it simply a case of "Too good to be true?"

  2. I read an interview with Eliar Hardy and he sounded like he really wanted to play in the SEC. I can't remember his exact words, but he basically said that "the SEC seems to put more players in the NFL." I think we're his only SEC offer at this time.

  3. You need to change "signed" in your first sentence

  4. The Cats have a good shot to land Hardy and Rivals made a post a while back that UK would have a hard time keeping Faulkner's commitment. I'm not a big fan of the early out of state commitments. If the kid has a monster year this year, more schools will come calling. It's always tough.