Monday, May 3, 2010

Cats to the Big 10?

Mark Story wrote an interesting article about the Cats possibly joining the Big 10. Like most UK fans, I hope the Cats stay in the SEC. Overall this is a interesting article by Story. It breaks down revenue and talks about academic status as well.


  1. Kentucky, will never update the academics to join Big Ten.

    I agree with Story on football. UK will never join upper level of SEC football. This state does not generate enough in-state prospects to do it.

    In basketball I think joining the Big Ten would help UK. The SEC always slants everything it can against UK basketball. The other schools in conference have always tried to put down UK basketball. I think in basketball it would help UK in recruiting and the Big Ten is usually rated a better basketball conference.

  2. This debate comes up from time to time. It is nothing new, or even remotely new.

    The only place it holds any interest for me is in football, and then it is a two-edged sword. Yes, the football is much better in the SEC and consequently it is much tougher to move up in the SEC. On the other hand, being in the SEC is a recruiting advantage. Would we be able to recruit the same level of talent if we were in the Big 10? Probably not. So, I say, let's just stay put. But, as so many have noted elsewhere, it's all a moot point -- the Big 10 is not going to invite us anyway.

  3. If we have to go North to get a competitive edge in football, then this program needs to turn in its shoulder pads.

    BTW, Recruits don't come to UK to play in the Big Ten they come to play SEC football. Nuff said!

  4. I think I just vomitted reading this garbage.

  5. The article turned my stomach. Mark Story is a communist. He should be run out of Kentucky for suggesting that UK leave the SEC.