Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Could Sneed be the playmaker in 2010?

Larry Vaught has a nice article on UK linebacker Ronnie Sneed. While Sneed has played behind some great linebackers during his tenure at Kentucky, he has one freshman behind him pushing for playing time. Qua Huzzie is fast and would have played as a true freshman last season if he had not gotten injured.

One interesting comment I took away from the article was Sneed's comment about sharing the field with Danny Trevathan and Qua Huzzie. Is it possible all three could be on the field at the same time? Most feel Huzzie and Sneed are competing for the starting role? Like most others, I feel it will be hard to keep Huzzie off the field this fall.

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  1. I assume that would entail one taking over a SLB spot from Dufrene/Wilson. Which one would take it? I would guess Dufrene with his experience and adaptabiliy and greater height for defending passes to TE's.

    By the way, any news about Ridge Wilson's position? Is he going to get reps at both DE and SLB? Sounds like our own version of Sergio Kindle/Brian Orakpo.