Monday, May 24, 2010

Defensive Questions

What questions remain for the defense headed into the season?


  1. It might be more appropriate to ask what questions have been answered regarding the defense. This is a deep and talented squad, but one with many, many questions.

    The only positions that appear to have been settled are one DE -- Evans, one DT -- Lumpkin, one LB -- Trevation, one CB -- Warford, and one S -- Guy. There should be fierce competition for the other 6 slots right up until the final week of pre-season camp.

    So. since you asked:

    1) Who is the MLB? Do we go with the more experienced Snead or the young gun Huzzie?

    2) Who grabs the OLB slot opposite Trevathon?

    3) Can Cobble crack the starting rotation at DT? And just what will the roation be. We should have 4 pretty solid DTs, but no one of the calibre of the graduated Corey Peters.

    4) Who grabs the CB opposite Warford? Once again, we have 2 or 3 solid candidates. Will any of them grab the job and make it their own?

    5) And, maybe the biggest question of all -- will Rumph make it to campus and if so, where does he play -- DE or DT -- and how much? If he gets here, just how good is he?

  2. Will we be able to stop the run?

  3. ^That pretty much says it all, I guess.

    -- Anonymous #1