Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How will history treat Rich Brooks?

How will history treat former UK Head Football Coach Rich Brooks?

What will be his UK legacy?

Should we rename the Stadium after him?


  1. History will treat him VERY well, espcially if Joker is able to continue to move the program forward. Then, Brooks will not only be credited with navigating the probation, turning the program around and appearing in 4 straight bowls, but with leaving the program in great shape and having laid the foundatiion for Joker's success. If Joker fails to move things forward, then there will be those who will say Brooks left things no better than he found them.

    In either case, we should not rename the stadium for him. It is the Commonwealth's stadium and the name should continue to reflect that. However, ranaming the field for him might be worth some consideration.

  2. I agree with above. It is the Commonwealths stadium. But that said, Coach Brookswill always be one of my favorites because of the way he turned the program around. With class.

  3. The field should have NEVER been named after CM Newton. I have nothing against CM, but to name the football field after a pure basketball guy was absurd.
    Mitch Barnhart basically has a limited number of basketball tickets at his disposal. During CM's tenure, he controlled 350.
    I have said for years the field should be Claiborne field, but I sure like 'Brooks/Claiborne Field' or a variation.