Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jerrell Priester wins Gold!

Jerrell Priester won the State 1A Gold Medal in the 100m and 200m's recently. His 100m time was 10.97 and 200m time was 21.99. Priester runs a legit 4.3 forty-yard dash. His team also won the state relay in the 400m. He will be fun to watch in the "wildcat" or returning kicks for the Cats!


  1. That calculates out to a 4.01 40 yard dash! unless my math is wrong.

  2. The kid can definitely scoot. With the 21.99, I'd say the 4.3 forty time is pretty legit.

    I can remember the time not so long ago when Coach Brooks commented on having only one guy on the entire team that had a legitimate 40 that was under 4.5. We've finally caught up with a lot of the big-boys in the SEC in that aspect.