Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Thoughts on SEC Expansion

I recently wrote an article about SEC Expansion and which teams might potentially be targeted to move into the SEC. I did propose the possibility of Pitt and WVU to the north. After thinking about it, one has to wonder if the SEC might make one of the targets Cincinnati? Cincy is a program that is definitely on the rise in football and has made tremendous strides in regards to overall athletics and academics. Agreed that Cincinnati does not necessarily seem like a true SEC School, but it would do one important thing, and that is, it would open up the State of Ohio to SEC Football and generate more serious jack for the premier Sports Conference in College Athletics.

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  1. Had this thought on a 16 team conference, then read the same idea on another board and really like it:
    Add -- Texas, Tx A&M, FSU & Clemson (I thought GA Tech)
    Make 4 divisions of 4 teams, play a 9 game schedule and have the winners of each division meet in a 2 week Final Four for the SEC title. My thought is to rotate back and forth between Atlanta & Dallas.

    1) UK, Vandy, TN, Clemson
    2) UGA, FL, FSU, USC
    3) AL, Auburn, MSU, Ole Miss
    4) LSU, Arkansas, Texas, A&M