Sunday, May 9, 2010

Name it and Claim it!

Correctly name the next UK verbal and you could win a couple of prizes!

First, place is a Free One Year online Subscription to aaronsukfootballblog!

2nd place is a Free online 3 month subscription (not sure how you can come in 2nd place on this one, but hey, it is the internet age)!!

No! We will not be charging, just curious as to who you think UK will sign and then of all the players out there who you would like for UK to sign!


  1. Nick Martin would be a nice one.....or maybe Trai Turner

  2. Collins Moore or a other receiver like Shamier Jeffrey either one is ok with me.

  3. shamir jeffery...... that is my answer...... the other 2 post were not really answers so much as just who they would like. also shouldn't thier only be 1 name per answer?

  4. shamir jeffrey

  5. I'd say Bubba Tandy will commit soonest as a WR if everything works out right end of the month.

    but I'd like to see the young man out of SC Shamir Jeffrey come in as well. Coached right be a duel threat like Cobb, he is a QB/WR combo. We
    could continue that threat after Cobb leaves for the NFL draft.

  6. Dawson. Probably the recruit that I feel the best about as far as talent and ability to sign. Now the big names are getting involved, Michigan, Oregon, all the others will be there, I would like to lock him up.

    Doesn't Oregon have a lot of the limitations we have, lack of in state talent, no long term tradition, etc? But they are usually ranked, with their 55,000 seat stadium. I think UK needs to follow them, hire Brooks (oh, they did), get the state of the art recruiting room Brooks wants, recruit nationally, etc.

    But that takes money. Hello Mitch, don't you know money spent on football would be a good investment?

  7. We know this recruiting class will be smaller than usual. So if a prospect wants to be a Cat this year, he might have to get off the fence early. My people on campus say nothing is imminent on the recruiting front right now. I believe the next UK verbal will come between mid-June and mid-July. But the behavior of teenage athletes is unpredictable. Not even UK's coaching staff knows for sure who it will be.

    All other factors being equal, you would normally expect early verbals from instate prospects. But this is not a normal year. By my count, three uncommitted instate prospects hold UK scholarship offers.....i.e., Lamar Dawson, Zach West, Forisse Hardin. Dawson definitely won't commit before the fall. I doubt West will commit until August or September. So if an instate prospect commits next, that would be either Hardin or someone else with a forthcoming offer not known to be on the table as of right now. If Bubba Tandy or Zach Templin were to receive a UK offer, either could accept it quickly. UK's staff is still evaluating Tandy.

    Five instate prospects are publicly committed to UL. All five hold UK scholarship offers....Jamon Brown, Jerrell Moore, Jalen Harrington, DaMarcus Smith, Devante Parker. One or more of these kids might ultimately end up in UK's class, but none of the five is ready to make a public switch now.

    So for many reasons, I am inclined to doubt the next UK verbal will be an instate prospect. Let's look at the most likely out-of-state possibilities.

    I believe the next UK verbal will come from an out-of-state WR, OL, or DL prospect. UK's staff is recruiting WRs and linemen hard this year, so these prospects will probably be under the most pressure to commit. Here are some prospects who might fall into that category IMO:

    Shamir Jeffery, WR/ATH, St. Matthews, SC
    Collins Moore, WR, Madison, AL
    Rashad Cunningham, WR, Mobile, AL
    Jonah Austin, OL, New Orleans, LA
    Taylor Chapell, OL, Canadian, TX
    Tarik Cook, OL, Stone Mountain, GA
    Clint Tucker, DL, East St. Louis, IL
    Terrence Coleman, DL, Copiah-Lincoln CC
    Christian Coleman, DL, Milan, TN

    My gut feeling would lean toward Shamir Jeffery, Tarik Cook, Collins Moore, Christian Coleman, or Terrence Coleman.

    Jeffery's brother plays for South Carolina. Still, if I have to guess, I'll say Jeffery.

  8. By the way, Jack, Mitch is committing and spending money on football. Don't assume otherwise just because some of the plans are not public yet, or because some internet-based fans are saying otherwise. Remember, Mitch came to UK in 2002 to upgrade the Wildcats' football program. The Cats have been to four-straight bowl games, and last year's recruiting class was UK's best in a long time, so I would say Mitch is doing pretty well so far.

  9. My gut says we won't have any more commits until the summer camps are completed. If the staff offers Tandy after his workouts, I think he will commit. Collins Moore isn't going to decide anytime soon, especially with LSU offering. Shamir Jeffrey seems to like UK based on reports and could commit, but will he sign with UK? My vote goes to Bubba Tandy!

  10. Is Bubba worth a scholly, espically in a year we have so few rides.

  11. My vote is Nick Martin. I hear he is a bigger UK fan than his brother growing up. We lost Zach, but we will bring home Nick.