Saturday, May 15, 2010

O-linemen with Offers from UK for 2011

The CATS already have 1 4* O-lineman verballed for the 2011 class in Darrian Miller of Lex Bryan Station. UK is also thought to have a few more players who are slight UK leans including: Z West of LCA, and Nick Martin of Bishop Chatard in Indianapolis.

In the next several days, there will be position posts for some of the players that are known to hold UK Offers. Enjoy!

Bobby Hart: St Thomas Aquinas Fl 6 ft 4 in 10 Offers: SEC-Bama, UK, Georgia, and LSU ACC: Clemson and FSU Others: USC Trojans

Ryan Kelly: Lakota West HS Ohio 6 ft 5 in 9 Offers: UK, Louisville, Illinois, Arizona, Indiana and FSU

Jacob Fahrenkrug: N Dak College of Science 6 ft 4 in 10 Offers: SEC: Ark, UK, Ole Miss Others: AZ, FSU, Illinois and UCLA

Mitch Smothers: Springdale 12 Offers: SEC-Bama, Ark, Aub, UK, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Miss State Other offers: UCLA Is he too much of an Arkansas lean?

Zach Debell: Tarpon Springs Fla 6 ft 7 in 17 Offers: Sec-UK and Ole Miss Several from ACC, Big East and Big 11 Other Offers: Louisville, and UCLA

James Elliot: Pensecola Catholic 6 ft 4 in 7 Offers: SEC-UK and Vandy Others: Kansas and Louisville

Jonah Austin: St Augustine La 6 ft 7 in 4 Offers: UK, Baylor, Michigan, and Tulsa

Tony Posada: Plant HS Fla 6 ft 6 in 13 Offers: Sec-UK Others: Kansas, Louisville, So. Fla, Tex Tech, Michigan and WKU

Tarik Cook: Stephenson HS 6 ft 2 in Center 6 Offers: Sec-UK and Ole Miss Others: So. Fla and Ga Tech Has several teammates at UK and there seems to be several more in line

Taylor Chappell: Canadien Tex 6 ft 6 in 10 Offers: SEC-UK Others: AZ, Tex Tech and UCLA

Pat Flavin: Benet Academy ILL 6 ft 7in 15 Offers: SEC-UK Others: UCLA, Purdue, Oregon and Boston College

Antonio Richardson: Ensworth HS TN 6 ft 6 in 20 Offers: SEC-9 including UK Others: Clemson, UL, OK, UCLA and USC Trojans

Nick Martin: Bishop Chatard IN 6 ft 5 in 15 Offers: SEC-UK, Tn and USC Others: Big 11-4 Offers and BC Grew up a UK fan. Phenominal Drive Blocker (often drives his defenders 10 yards off of the LOS) Greatly undervalued. Would keep the Indianapolis line of recruiting open. A Very important get for this class

Kiaro Holts: Warren Central HS IN 6 ft 5 in Has 24 offers! Rated the #5 OT on most boards. His best friend, Kris Harley committed to Va Tech. I have spoken with him, and he may want to stay closer to home than Kris. Can literally write his own ticket. Already dominant, he is working on speed, agility, and quickness. Will dictate the depth chart whereever he goes. At one point, he was more of a UL than UK lean.

Brandon Shell: Goose Creek So Car 6 ft 7in 8 Offers: SEC-7 including UK Others: Clemson I think he will stay in South Carolina at either Clemson or USC

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