Friday, May 21, 2010

QB Theltus Cobbins to UK

UK Football Coach, Tee Martin has recruited New Orleans QB Theltus Cobbins to Kentucky. The 6ft 2, dual threat QB also had an offer from Tulane and had been picking up interest from other schools as well.
Theltus passed for over 2,000 yards and 17 TDs his Junior season; he also ran for over 700 yards and 12 TDs as well.
Theltus is the 3rd UK verbal this week, he joins Josh Forrest (TE) from Paducah KY, and Darien Thomas (WR) from Theodore AL.


  1. Interesting.

    Yahoo lists him at 6-2, 190, 4.5.
    Scout lists him a6 6-0, 175, 4.8.

    Do they expect him to be a QB? Is he being recruited as an athlete? Given the QBs we seem to have been expressing interest in, given the WRs we already have as verbals, given our limited schollies, this is just a real head-scratcher.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

  2. He has 3 teammates and possibly 4 that the CATS might be interested in

    Deltoine Scott 6 ft 2in WR

    Charles Henderson 5 ft 10 in WR 4.4

    Devon White 6 ft 1 in CB 4.45

    The DE--Vincent Manuel seems to be the long shot 6 ft 4 in 220 lbs

    Maybe a package deal?

  3. Have done more research!

    Deltoine Scott had 6 catches for 69 yards--probably not

    Charles Henderson had 25 catches for 413 yards and 5 TDs--doubtful, but maybe, he is also a RB

    Devon White had 10 interceptions--my guess is that if it is a package deal, he is the one!

  4. 3 commits this week all at around 200 lbs. Tee, appreciate your hard work, but we need some big boys on both sides of the line buddy!!

  5. ^ How much does Cobb weigh ? about abuck80 thats 180 homer.

  6. All signs point to Cobbins playing QB. It's likely he starts out at QB and moves to WR if it doesn't work out. I love the fact the Cats added a dual-threat QB to class.

  7. Come on guys light up this looks like a good kid give him a shot.....HEY guess what drew brees is 6 feet so it's not the size it's the hart

  8. i personally knw him i played baseball with him when he was younger and then he blew up in h.s. and became a 4-yr starter. his freshman yr at the saints h.s. 7 on 7 competition first play was a 50 yrs bomb... He Has A Arm and He Has The Speed. yall got an athlete

  9. Deltoine Scott is sleeper, he didn't play much because of the seniors ahead of him, but he is hardworking and has the will and desire to win. I believe he will have a break out season this year.