Friday, May 28, 2010

Recruits on campus this weekend updated

There will be many recruits on campus this weekend for the Kentucky Football Camp on Sunday. As of today, below are recruits who will attend unless they have a change of plans. If anyone else is confirmed, we will add them to the list.
  • Bubba Tandy (WR)
  • Mitchell Henry (TE)
  • Cody Robinson (OL)
  • Kal Prince (QB)
  • Mike Wegzyn (QB)
  • Neal Pawsat (QB)
  • Antonio Cannon (WR) commit
  • Travis Elliott (RB) 2012
  • Adam Wing (QB/ATH) 2012

None of the players above hold offers from Kentucky, which is why they are attending camp. This is an opportunity for the coaching staff to watch the players in action up close and possibly make a decision regarding a scholarship. I wouldn't rule out a commitment if any offer is extended.


  1. I don't know if this is an 'official' UK poster of Joker, but I think in light of young men and women dying in 'real' war, we should nix ALL references to this game of kids being a 'war'. Carrying a weapon coming out of a fire and exploding bombs in camo is in very, very, poor taste. A pathetic marketing job. I'd fire the agency or the person that approved this. We are at 'REAL WAR' folks, lest you forgot. I love UK (class of 74 ) but this is just not right. I'm embarrassed by it frankly, and any serious American should be as well. Aaron, you should pull this down today.

  2. Please understand this wasn't mean to offend anyone. Joker has come up with the title "Operation Win" and "Special Forces" instead of special teams.

    I've used this picture before and no one has ever complained. I will change the picture.

  3. I would love to see Cody get a offer and commit. He could really help out OL out.

  4. Jaws 2 don't be upset by the picture. I am from FL and have a brother in law being recruited and several schools including UK use the same picture to send to recruits. Don't bring in real American stuff I served to with some dings to prove it .

  5. I thought that I seen Zack Templin on this list when you posted it. Has he changed his interest in UK or just his camp date. If they take four OL, IMO Templin, West, And Robinson would great to add along with Miller. I,ve seen Templin and West play and they could be great OL in college.

  6. I hope Cody impresses and receives an offer and follows it up with a verbal.

  7. Templin isn't attending this weekend. He will attend another UK camp.

  8. I come from a military family and none of them have ever expressed any distaste at the frequent use of war and war-related language. I think nearly all servicemen would agree. Whining to censor language is never a long-term, meaningful solution.

  9. Yeah I'm a former United States Marine and I actually put this as my screen saver. Quick lesson, if you've been shot at you probably don't care about it. If you haven't pipe down.

  10. Let's get Cody. This kid is beastin.