Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sabre Rattling in the North 11

I understand that this particular site is about UK Football, but it is also about that which may affect or potentially affects UK, and the SEC in general. One of the current issues, on the landscape, at the moment is the potential of several conferences to promulgate expansion. Here is a recent article on which says that expansion to the Big 11 (North) might actually be realized sooner rather than later.

At the expensive of an extremely long and cumbersome post, I am left to ponder aloud why the SEC as a whole just doesn't put an end to the sabre rattling and fire the shot ending all of this silly banter.

The SEC is the premier conference is College Football and should posit itself from a position of strength and determination instead of a position of weakness and reaction based upon the actions of other conferences. There are many schools which would profit from being in the SEC and in fact would love the opportunity. The list might start with these schools: WVU, PITT, MIZZOU, TEXAS, TEXAS A & AM, and OK.

Seriously, it is hard to fathom why this has not been accomplished sooner other than the fact of the SEC showing "respect" for the other lesser conferences. While this is a noble calling, it does not make sense and in fact could be detrimental to the league.

Bottomline: The SEC had better start taking the issue seriously, to not do so could be disasterous.

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