Thursday, May 27, 2010

UK Defensive Team of the Decade

Here is a list for the UK ALL-DECADE TEAM FOR THE 2000's --DEFENSE


Defensive Linemen

Vincent Burns

Dwayne Robertson

Corey Peters

Myron Pryor

Jeremy Jarmon


Wesley Woodyard

Micah Johnson

Sam Maxwell

Danny Trevathan


Trevard Lindley

Winston Guy

Larry Warford

Honorable Mentions:

Ventrell Jenkins

Johnny Williams

Randall Burden

I tried to keep the list at around 15 or so players! It will be much harder to do with the Offense.


  1. Did you mean to put Paul Warford down for the DB's instead of Larry?

  2. Oh wow. This is NOT one of your finer moments. I think you need to sit down and put a LOT more thought into this, as your selections are WAY too heavily weighted towards recent years.

    I love Danny Trevathan and Sam Maxwell, but you are going to take these one-year starters over a 4-year starter like Braxton Kelly who made what arguably may be the biggest tackle of the decade? And, while I cannot remember his name, you are leaving off that ultra fast linebacker from early in the decade who went on to play safety with the Broncos? (Somebody help me there.) And you include a guy like Randall Burden who has never been a full-time starter and is not even guaranteed of starting this year?

    This is a good idea in concept, but these choices are way, way off. I'll try to think about it and help you out later.

  3. I cant really see Guy or Warford being on this list yet. Maybe after this season. Same with Travathan. Maxwell maybe but I would got with Kelly instead.

    Some other older guys who were really good players: Dustin Williams LB , Muhammed Abdullah DB, Earven Flowers DB and a maybe Ronnie Riley was above average.

    Just some thoughts.

  4. I think the above poster is talking about Marlon McCree.

  5. Dennis Johnson should be mentioned in there somewhere as well.

  6. A1 again -- yes -- Marlon McCree.

  7. As mentioned, I think Dennis Johnson belongs at DE. He finally realized his potential near the end.

    David Johnson was a pretty fair Safety and Eric Kelly had his moments at CB, as did Antoine Huffman.

  8. Six current players on the list, not bad, but as mentioned, some maybe not fully earned yet. But I think several players on the current roster will make the list before they leave, and both Hines and L Warford will move up.

    There are a lot of good players listed, but I think the 2010 and 11 commits so far will make a great showing.