Sunday, May 23, 2010

What positions do we need to recruit for now?

What positions do we need to recruit now?

How many more scholarships will we be offering for this class?


  1. Same as before -- OL and DT. If we get a shot at an ELITE athlete at any other position, then we take them. But, all things being equal, its OL, DT, OL, DT, OL, DT. I'd take four of each if I could find them.

  2. Defensive Tackle !!!
    At least 3 and all 6'2 or taller and 290+

  3. Need Def. Linemen & Off. Linemen.
    I say we sign 18 in Feb.

  4. I have to agree with the first poster. We build our line and go from there if an elite athlete or elite position player is available.

  5. Here are a few BOLD predictions on who I feel are the most likely recruits to end up at UK in addition to the current verbals:

    OL- Zach West and Tarik Cook (maybe Nick Martin)

    DL- Christian Coleman, Terrence Coleman (maybe Jesse Hayes or Desmond Floyd)

    LB- Lamar Dawson, Troy Gray (maybe Antonio Poole or Kendall Walker)

    S- Flo Hardin, Darren Waller

    ATH- Shamier Jeffery, Damian Swann (maybe Kal Prince and De'angelo Henderson)

    WR- Bubba Tandy (maybe Collins Moore)

    RB- Artaves Gibson (maybe Brandon Ford or Darryl Warren)

  6. If we sign Dawson, West and Jeffery to what we already have it's going to be a great class. Just add another OL and a couple to the DL and it should be the best in a while.

    I read that Terrence Coleman was going to RS his first year of JC to give him an extra year once he got to D1, any idea if he actually did that?

  7. We suck at WR but we've signed a bunch so I won't include them. OT and to a lesser extent OG are needed but we're pretty good at C. Need a FB (if we're interested in keeping that position around) and some RBs to make life after locke easier.

    On defense, we need some size at DT and depth at linebacker. Additionally, we need all the help we can get at both safety positions for life after Guy, and we need lots of help at corner.

  8. I am a little surprised to not see any comments about the UL commits. I think if Joker puts a beatdown on them and has a good season we will have a good chance at several of them, Brown maybe being the most desirable because of his size and position. There are some other really good players there too though.

    Dawson, Martin, West, and Jeffrey have to be players we couldn't turn down that seem good possibilities at the moment.