Monday, June 7, 2010

2011 Future Watch - DL Updated

DL Offers (known)

Aaron Lynch, Christian Coleman, Desmond Floyd, Isiah Norton, Jesse Hayes, Lorenzo Mauldin, Ray Drew, Terrence Coleman, Terry Redden,

DL Watch List

Bobby Newton, Demetri Merritt, Devaughn Hanley, Dontez Tyler, Jimmy Stewart, Jakari Kinnie, Joel Hale, Kyreek Brown, Ati Norman-Jean, Ryan Smith, Tanner Crum, Tony Gillespie

Already Committed

Clint Tucker (Kentucky), Jamon Brown (Louisville), Jeoffrey Pagan (Florida), Kris Harley (Virginia Tech)


Since our last update the Cats received a commitment from Clint Tucker which actually surprised me. Tucker seemed like he was going to take more visits and make a decision later in the process. I continue to hear Christian Coleman is leaning towards the Cats. However, he isn’t quite ready to pull the trigger. Lynch still appears to be a lock to stay in Florida or possibly Notre Dame while Floyd is still considering the Cats among others. Ray Drew appears to be a long shot and keeping his recruitment quite. Drew recently visited several schools and the Cats were not one. Terrence Coleman, Jesse Hayes and all options. I’ve heard rumors Isiah Norton was ready to commit to UK, but his coach asked him to wait. He is supposed to camp at UK this summer.

Most likely to be a Cat

Clint Tucker is committed, but the Cats will need to continue to recruit him. I think Christian Coleman, Desmond Floyd and Isiah Norton are the most likely candidates at this point. Coleman really likes the Cats and I would be surprised if he goes anywhere else at this point. Floyd has UK towards the top of his list, but continues to take other visits. If Norton camps at UK, he could commit at that time. The Cats want Jamon Brown, but he is solid to Louisville. It would take a complete meltdown for the Cards this season to flip his commitment.


  1. Tucker and Norton could/would be the best pair of DT's UK has ever signed in a single class IMO. Getting those two at a postion that is so hard to recruit, would be a huge boost for this class and the future of the DL. Christian Coleman and one other DE is a must. Would love to see us land Floyd.

  2. I heard from a friend that Cody Robinson got offered as DL? I don't care what he plays as long as we get him.

  3. Cody informed me tonight they discussed him playing either. It would probably boil down to needs and more evaluation.

  4. Sounds good. We need him.

  5. Dontez Tyler is pretty good but everyone is overlooking his teammate at the other DE spot D"Isaac Jorda n is a real gem may be even a better player