Monday, June 28, 2010

2011 Future Watch - TE's updated

TE Offers (known)

Nick Vannett

TE Watch List

Mitchell Henry, Tim Simmons, Mark Wathen

Already Committed

Jon Davis (Kentucky), Collin Jarbo (Southern Miss), Terrell Mitchell (Kentucky)


Since our last update the Cats received a commitment from Terrell Mitchell who committed two years ago. Mitchell was highly recruited out of high school and should be a great addition to the program. The only other change is the addition of Mark Wathen to the watch list. As we have seen with UK, they recruit players who fit the TE/DE mold and move them around. I continue to hear more and more that Josh Forrest will play receiver and not tight end, therefore we moved him to the receiver section. Mitchell Henry did attend camp at UK and feels he moved up their recruiting board. He continues to impress coaches and pick up offers this summer.

Most likely to be a Cat

Jon Davis is solid to UK and while rumors suggest otherwise on Mitchell, he should be considered a commit at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitchell Henry becomes a Cat. He doesn’t have an offer from the Cats, but does have several D1 offers on the table. The tight end position hasn’t been very productive in recent years, but the new recruits should give the fans something to be excited about.


  1. I for one hope we are DONE with TEs. We have more bodies at that position than any other -- and that does not include the incoming frosh for 2010 and the commitments we already have for 2011. If we cannot find a couple of serviceable TEs from that group, then something is seriously wrong somewhere.

  2. I agree with you.We have enough TEs to work with and it seems like we keep getting commits from ATH and TE when we need to working on OL COMMITS.