Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cats running out of room

Last year at this time Kentucky had one verbal commitment and the Big Blue Nation was concerned. Fast forward to 2010 and the Cats have 14 verbal commitments. Enough praise can't be said about the job of the Joker Phillips and his entire staff.

In talking with one recruit today, he told me the staff plans to sign 18-20 recruits in the next class. Initially the Cats were expected to sign around 15 players. A while back another recruit told me the staff wanted to sign three offensive lineman. As always there is some attrition and a few who sign that never make it to campus. Assuming the Cats leave room for two offensive lineman and Lamar Dawson, that leaves three spots for other positions in order to sign 20 players.

The question now becomes who's next? Who are the possible four to six recruits the Cats could receive commitments from? It's no secret that Lamar Dawson is the priority for Joker Phillips. Let's face it, there hasn't been a recruit of Dawson's caliber since Dennis Johnson and Tim Couch. With the Cats having limited spots available I look for more in-state players to possibly commit sooner rather than later.

Here is a breakdown of the commitments by position: QB-2, RB-0, WR-3, TE-2, OL-1, DL-2, LB-1, CB-3, S-0. By most accounts the priorities are still OL, DL and LB. The Cats can afford to be picky everywhere else. Could this be the first year the Cats don't continue the LaGrange pipeline? How about Stephenson High School? I know the Cats want to continue that pipeline as well.

One thing is clear, Joker Phillips is running the show and things are going to be different. Rich Brooks did a fantastic job, but Joker Phillips is taking the program in a new direction. Hopefully he can keep his staff intact and get a jump on the 2012 class too!


  1. A nice piece, but this is what you SHOULD have written:

    "Last year at this time Kentucky had one verbal commitment and the Big Blue Nation was concerned. Fast forward to 2010 and the Cats have 14 verbal commitments and the Big Blue Nation is concerned."

    You see, we are an ever-restless group. Last year, the concern was that we were not getting ANY recruits, and, when it was all over, we ended up with what may be our best class in years.

    This year, the concerns are different. Are we filling up too fast? Are we taking quantity over quality? Do we need 2 more QBs while still hoping for guys like Smith and Jeffries? We will hold on to Faulkner and the big DT from East St. Louis? Will we be out of rides in January, which has historically been a hot period for us? What if we DO NOT get Dawson? Will there be enough razor blades for all of us to slit our wrists?

    It seems you just cannot win in this recruiting game.

  2. Faulkner is a safety and will probably start next season.

  3. Dennis Johnson was the #2 recruit in 1998 and Tim Couch was the #1 recruit in 1996 nationally. Dawson is more along the lines as Micah Johnson and Jordan Whitling in terms of rankings.

  4. Faulkner will likely play safety, but Joker has made it clear they like to try all DB's at corner first before moving them to safety.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all to see guys who are committed change their minds or a spot is not available becuase someone else becomes availalbee. The staff is working hard on some of UofL's commits and could flip a few.

    My point with Dawson, is not too many KY recruits have Southern Cal and Florida flying in and offering in person. Micah was a big deal, but I think Lamar is a much bigger deal.

    Thanks for the comments!