Saturday, June 12, 2010

Expansion update

ESPN has an article on the latest SEC expansion talks. It sounds like Texas A&M may end up joining the conference and becoming the Razorbacks closest rival. I've heard the Aggies and Longhorns would be part of a package deal and I've also heard the Aggies are tired of being the "little brother". Either way, it sounds like we will know more soon.


  1. This is the third consecutive day for ESPN's reporting on Texas A&M to the SEC, so this may have legs. If ESPN's reports are correct, Texas is not interested in the SEC. ESPN says Texas, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are talking with the PAC Ten now.

    ESPN also quoted an anonymous SEC AD as saying the SEC will not raid the ACC for more schools. I have previously discussed here why the SEC would not be interested in Florida State or Clemson. Now it appears the SEC simply doesn't want to stir up a political hornet's nest in its own back yard.

    Intuitively, we know the SEC will not stop at 13 schools. Since the SEC is fundamentally a warm weather conference, I don't believe the SEC will look to the northeast. Missouri still looks like a pretty good potential fit since that would bring the SEC into the metropolitan St. Louis media market. However, there have been no credible rumors of Missouri negotiating with the SEC.

    So, if the SEC takes Texas A&M, and if the SEC is going to leave hands off the ACC, then will the SEC be looking at other D-1 schools in Texas? Even if the University of Texas is not interested in the SEC, there are a lot of other alternatives in the Lone Star State. That might make sense for all parties.

  2. If the SEC will not raid the ACC, how about the Big East? West Virginia might make some sense in terms of a geographic fit, although they really bring nothing to the table in terms of revenue potential.