Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Future NFLers for Offense

Which Offensive Players on the UK team will be drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft and have a future in the NFL? About, what rounds, do you think that these players would go in the Draft?


  1. You know, I would say no one.

    Locke could be a late round pick if he has a monster year, but his size will hurt him.

    Evans could be a late-round pick, again, if he has a breakout year.

    But, realistically, given how small this senior class is in terms of numbers and given how our guys usually are drafted later than we would expect, I just do not see any NFL draftees in 2011.

    And, I do not see any juniors coming out early, including Cobb. Those who fear this may be his last year in Lexington have nothing to worry about.

  2. Not many in 2011, but 2012 is a different story.

    2011 -

    Locke(late 4-6)
    Matthews(if he has the type season the Coaches feel he'll have. Late rds-fa)

    2012(early look)
    Cobb(?, could be a 2nd-4th)
    Hines(Hines is stud OG and will be one the higher drafted Cats in many years)
    Burden(The move to OT was a smart one. Burden has the NFL size and strength and has two seasons to get ready. He will be on a NFL roster!)