Thursday, June 3, 2010

More on Lamar Dawson

Larry Vaught has a great article on the recruiting battles for Lamar Dawson. It's no secret Dawson is one of the top priorities for Kentucky and Louisville in the 2011 class. I suspect Dawson's recruitment to last a while, possibly until signing day. As he continues to wait, more and more schools are getting involved.

Lamar told me recently he was enjoying the experience as it's a once in a lifetime occurrence. I've had the opportunity to interview Lamar a handful of times. He is very quite, well mannered and soft spoken. I'm still convinced when it's all said and done, he will pick either Louisville or Kentucky.

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  1. From all that I have seen and read, Charlie Strong is a fine coach and an even better recruiter. He is dynamic, personable and energetic. Still, that having been said, we should not be losing key recruiting battles to him.

    With or without Strong, UofL is still UofL. They still play in the Big East, which may itself be in trouble if they get raided by the Big 10. They still do not have our fan base, our facilities -- even with their upgrades -- nor do they have our exposure in the SEC.

    What's more, if Strong is successful, he will probably not see the freshman class of 2011 graduate.

    I am not the typical UK fan who bashes UofL at every chance. While I admit to be a HUGE, HUGE UK fan, I do not live in Kentucky and so I do not really share that in-born, unmitigated hatred for UofL. My comments about them are not the irrational rantings of a UK fan. They are slightly more detached observations. So, being as objective as i can be, UK should not be losing recruting battles to UofL unless the kid is a life-long UofL fan.