Thursday, June 24, 2010

Most forgotten person in UK football lore?

Who is the most forgotten person in UK football lore?


  1. Only old timers like me will remember tough linemen Ray Correll, and all-time one man wrecking crew Lou Michaels, back in the '50s along with fullback Bill Leskovar. Bob Gain won the Outland award too- they got their publicity back then but I wonder how many can still remember how good they were.

  2. There was a lineman, who even as a Freshman abused opponents and even UK upperclassman; he just wanted to be the baddest man around.
    I think his name was Moorman; can anyone remember?

  3. I am a middle aged Wildcat fan. The one who sticks out to me is Doug Pelphrey. he was a TREMENDOUS kicker for the cats.