Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Player Profile: Morgan Newton

A one time 5 star recruit by Scout.com, Carmel, Indiana native Morgan Newton gave UK fans their first look at the talented QB on a nationally televised game by Espn in his senior season opener. Newton led his team to a come from behind victory in the 4th quarter.

A year later Newton was thrust into the starting QB of the Kentucky Wildcats when Mike Hartline went down with an injury. Newton started the last 8 games for the Wildcats. He led the team to wins vs. the likes of Auburn and Georgia on the road. I think that in the long run, Newton is the best option at quarterback. He's shown that he can win games in tough environments and has the physical tools to be a top tier SEC player.


  1. Disagree he has top tier physical talents.
    Slow a foot / gets rid of the ball to slowly
    Hopefully a year and more experience will prove me wrong.

    Mossakowski might be top tier, doubt he ever gets the chance to see at UK.

    If they really thought one of these guys were top tier they would not keep recruiting so many quarterbacks. They are still looking at a couple, even though they have two already committed.( also one from Ohio that will be reshirting in this years recruiting class)

    They appear to still be looking for the player that can help the team break out to the next level.

  2. This is a tough call. I do not think we have seen the best of Newton by any means, and we have not seen Mossakowski at all. I thought Newton had a remarkble strong arm that could, at times, be extremely accurate. He was greatly hampered by being thrown into the fire before he was ready.

    As for continuing to recruit QBs, that is just the way it goes. I do not think it is at all indicative of the staff's disatisfaction with what we now have on the roster.

    Most QBs are going to atke AT LEAST 3 years to develop -- a RS frosh year and then a frosh year. By the time time this year's recruits are sophmores -- with three years to contribute -- Newton will have graduated and Moss will be a senior. It is only prudent to re-stock the QB position at every viable opportunity.

  3. First poster-every assertion you made is wrong.

    Aaron said that Newton has the physical tools to be a top-tier quarterback, not that he has top-tier physical skills. Those are two totally different statements you confused.

    We keep recruiting quarterbacks because that's just what you do college football. Notre Dame didn't stop recruiting QBs after Jimmy Clausen, nor did Oklahoma after Bradford, Texas after McCoy, or Florida after Tebow. All of those programs recruited and signed guys even after it was obvious the the starter would be for the foreseeable future. You need to keep the cupboard stocked and that's what they were doing, what we're doing, and what everyone else in the country is doing.

    The kid from Ohio you're referring to is Tyler Brause, and he's almost certainly a WR (he said when he committed that UK recruited him to be a WR).

    Mossakowski will absolutely "get his chance"; in fact, for a couple days he was the best passer in the spring and took a brief hold on the starting job (which he may still get).

  4. #3 go back to KSR writing about UK recruits in February, 2010. Coach Randy Sanders said Brause would start out as a QB and had a very good arm.

    Then maybe TE or LB.

    Before you criticize people go do your homework.

    Also, tell me the difference between physical tools and physical skills to run a 100 yard dash. Something from a sports medicine book or medical book. Not just an opinion.