Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preview Georgia Game #8

Last year, the Kentucky Wildcats went to Georgia and stole a game from the Bulldogs; this year, the Bulldogs visit Commonwealth Stadium and look to return the favor. The Bulldogs return 10 players on offense and sport some very reputable weapons in WR A J Green and in the Running backs Washaun Ealy and Caleb King. The O-line returns with proven talent across the board with the only unstable position being QB (presumably Freshman Aaron Murray).

The defense has undergone a tremendous change going from a 4-3 base to a 3-4 base. This change usually takes a while for a team to pick up and run effectively, but at this point in the season, the Bulldogs may be adequate at understanding the nuiances, and keeping teams off balance since few teams in college run this type of defense.

Look for a hard fought battle since this game will be a statement game for both teams looking to establish some type of consistency at this point in the season.

Why the CATS will win: The CATS will win because they can stop the run and make Georgia throw the ball. Murray has little experience in game situations and KY will show various formations and keep Georgia guessing all day. Additionally, for KY to win, the Wildcats will need to run the ball and hope that playaction keeps the Dogs at bay. If Ky fails to pressure the QB, and can not handle the 3-4 defense of Georgia, it will be a long day.


  1. Pretty scary playing a team that has ten returning starters. The only plus is that the most important position, QB, has a freshman in it. But I really think one of UK's problems at QB the past two years was lack of support at the other positions.

    But we managed to beat them last year on the road, maybe our O will be able to score on their defense too. And while I am almost positive our O will be better I think our D will also be better than some people think.

  2. More scary news. Yahoo's writeup on UG says they "could" start 8 players on D from Rivals 250 "to watch" list. There must be some new recruits or some oddity for them to use the word "could" though.

    Just another indication of how much talent UK faces every week in the SEC and what a job our coaches have done to compete.