Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preview South Carolina Game # 7

For the 2nd Saturday in a row, the UK Wildcats will host an SEC opponent at Commonwealth Stadium. The Wildcats lost last year when starting QB, Mike Hartline got injured.

Offensively, the Gamecocks look to be better with Stephen Garcia at the helm of a team that sports 3 starting WRs over 6 ft tall. Typically, South Carolina allows a ton of sacks in games on offense, and Spurrier seems to call out the play of Garcia continually. Kentucky should be able to generate a lot of pressure on the QB with D Evans, and T Wyndham which will disrupt the rhythm of the offense.

The strength of the Gamecock defense is the back 7 and the loss of Eric Norwood is monumental. The O-line of Ky should have become solid by this point in the season and the QB play should also be vastly improved which will provide UK the opportunity to dictate the flow of the game and pull this one out, ending a 10 yr Gamecock run and a 17 games Spurrier run at the same time.

Reasons that the CATS will Win: A Solid running game which will keep the ball out of the hands of the Gamecock offense and a solid pass rush which will frustrate the Gamecock offense.

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