Thursday, June 10, 2010

Preview Vandy Game #11

Last year KY went into Nashville and edged out a very important win against Vandy. Vanderbilt comes to Lexington this year to return the favor.

In the 09 season, Vandy had massive injuries everywhere which really took a toll on the team. A total of 10 starters return (7 on offense and 3 on defense). The biggest question marks for Vandy reside on both the offensive and defensive lines and in the linebacking corps (which is never a good mixture--only 2 total starters return for the O-line, D-line, and LB corp!!). Bobby Johnson (HC at Vandy) does have several skill positions returning which is good, but in all seriousness the season is stacking up in such a way that if he were not the only coach to lead them to a bowl (after the 08 season) that he would probably be fired. The loss of James Williams to grades after the Spring semester hurt this team tremendously, but as they say, the show must go on.

The good news for Vandy is that they do have some good freshmen coming in for the '10recruiting class, but they do seem to be a couple of years away from returning to being a player within SEC play; Vandy can win the game against UK especially if UK does not take the game seriously, but that is doubtful given the leadership the CATS have at several positions. The 10 season will be a long one for the Commodores, but they are no longer the laughing stock that they once were (and neither are the Wildcats).

Why the CATS will win: Depth, in almost every position the CATS are more talented and deeper than Vandy. Home field advantage, and leadership again the CATS have the intangibles over Vandy this year. Talent, the CATS look more talented than Vandy at almost every position. At this point in the season the team will want to just quit and go home, but Johnson will have to keep them focused. Don't get me wrong Vandy can win, but it would mean that the CATS had some serious issues of their own at this point in the season.

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  1. Ha, you seriously need help if you think Kentucky is any deeper or more talented than Vanderbilt. Stop sipping your blue koolaid and realize you've never been close to being more talented or deeper than Vanderbilt and you are certainly not close now. I'm sure with your soft non-conference schedule, UK will figure out a way to eek out 5 wins again going into the Vanderbilt game, but just because UK is smarter about scheduling patsies every year does not make that roster anymore talented or deeper than VU. There is no school in this conference that UK is more talented or deeper than, regardless of any record the two teams had the previous year. In 2008, UK was certainly no more talented or deeper than VU and last year, despite how the game turned out, that Wildcat team was still not more talented or deep. And I can guarantee you, UK will not be any better than they were last year, they will likely be worse.