Friday, July 2, 2010

2010 vs 2011 UK Recruiting Classes

How is the 2011 UK Recruitng Class comparing to the 2010 class? Which positions have been the most strengthened from each class?

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  1. It is really too early to tell, the 2011 class is off to a great start but I really liked the 2010 class. I particularly like ALL the two stars in that class, I think they are all underrated and all have great potential. Hard to believe some of them are two stars, Bailey and Mansour are obviously better than two stars to me, and all the others have great potential.

    Some of the obvious choices already because of the emphasis on the two classes are, SO FAR:

    2010 RBs.

    2011 WRs, (by default, but Sanders, Priester, etc could end up there from 2010, if so ??

    QBs, Brausman may not end up there and I really like the potential of both our new ones.

    Everywhere else a lot of questions, where does Davis play, does Dawson sign, could Terrell get here and challenge Smith, I love the potential of Eatman and McAdoo but Miller and West and ?? would be better, Faulkner is a four star but what if Priester, Simmons, and Bailey all play DB, Tucker sounds great but how good is Laughlin and will Rumph make it and what about the big athletes in 2010, on and on.

    Overall I loved last years class and expect this one to end up better, and a good season could make it excellent, both by keeping what we have and adding more 4*s.