Monday, July 19, 2010

Leach's take on UK's offense

(Photo Courtesy of Kentucky Ink)

Tom Leach
gives his take on the UK offense heading into the season. Leach feels QB play will be the key for UK's success this season. He makes a great point about the team needing a leader to win games, however I feel the staff has bigger questions to answer.

Personally, I feel retooling the offensive line is a much bigger concern along with stopping the run on defense. The Cats lost four starters on the offensive line and without Corey Peters and Micah Johnson stopping the run, teams will test the Cats up the middle on defense.

Randall Cobb doesn't feel he will run the "wildcat" as often in 2010 and I hope he's right. If the offensive line struggles, Cobb will find himself under center more than most would like. It wouldn't surprise me to see Jerrell Priester take a few snaps in the "wildcat" either.


  1. I think the front seven on defense should be everyone's primary concern. On the DL, there's just not a lot of SEC level talent there outside of Evans and if Cobble is ineligible, that is a huge blow. At LB, outside of Trevathan, there's not really any experience there. I'm really concerned about this defense's ability to stop anyone this year. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. I agree Rock - the DL is my major concern. I think we have the talent to plug in a LB to be fine there - especially in the second half of the season. DT, I'm concerned. I think Crawford, Lumpkin, and McCord form a decent trio of DT's. I would really really like to see Rumph and Cobble eligible and playing this fall, but it sounds as though Cobble has a LOT of ground to make up and even though Rumph is rumored to be in good shape, pending a few grades......I'm not going to believe he is on the team, until I see him make a tackle.....and I might not be convinced then.

    I think our offensive line is fine - I think the talent and depth will have us looking pretty good this year on offense.

  3. Am I the only one who really isn't concerned with our QB situation? I think we have a luxury most teams would love to have - three QB's that give you a chance to win games.

  4. IF the rest of the offense is in good shape -- espceially the OL -- and I think they will be, then i am not too concerned about the QB position. Worst case, we have a 5th year senior in Mike Harline who was doing well before his injurt last year. And, if someone beats him out, then we should be even better off. (Do NOT misinterpet that statment. I am neither dissing Mike nor rooting against him. I am simply saying he is a "known quantity" that can do the job.)

    However, the defense worries me -- A LOT! Even with Lindley and Micah and Peters and Maxwell, we were barely serviceable. Without them -- oh my -- frightening!

  5. I am worried a little bit defensively, but someone always steps up...thats the trend at least.

    If the offense can be pretty good and move the ball, that keeps the defense off the field more. I think our D will be very average..give up about 370 yds a game. The good thing is that we are more athletic in the back 7 than years past.

  6. The fact is UK's recruiting on the DL and to a lesser extent at LB just hasn't been very good the past few years. I liked what we did at DE in this past class, but it's going to take time before some of those kids are ready. That's why you are seeing UK try to hit the DL and LB so hard in this class. Dawson and one of those Cincy kids would be huge at the LB spot for this class.