Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On radio tonight at 7 pm EST

I'll be on the Sports Nightly talk show with Dick Gabriel tonight on 630 WLAP. We'll be talking Kentucky Football and I'm very excited for the opportunity. I'm not sure if we'll take any callers or the format, but you should be able to click here to hear the broadcast.


  1. My question is...What true freshman appear to have the best shot of seeing playing time this season and why???

  2. my ? is who is the strongest man on the team and how much improvement has he had with the rock working with him?

  3. I would suspect that Larry Warford would be one of the stronger players on the team. He was 3rd or 4th last year IIRC.

    He has a lot of natural strength which allowed him to maul people last year, now that he has refined his body and added to that natural strength, he should provide a push on the goal line at ORG!