Thursday, July 8, 2010

Razorbacks offer Dawson

Lamar Dawson (2011-LB) informed me today that Arkansas recently offered and Cal is showing interest. Dawson could be the most sought after recruit in the Bluegrass state since Dennis Johnson or Tim Couch. The offers continue to pile up. He also plans to wait until after his season to make his college decision. I believe UK will make the cut, but his recruitment is still wide open.


  1. Hope UK is recruiting 2 or 3 other good linebackers.
    So if we lose this recruit, UK is not in the cold.

  2. I think UK needs to have a few breaks and get a snowball effect. A convincing win at UL, a good season, some more good commits, and the promise of a better season in 2011 could have a big effect on our future, not only with Dawson but with other elite recruits. I think we are definitely on the way up with this staff.

    He could be our Micah Johnson for this year and be known and loved in the Commonwealth whether or not he is good enough to play on Sundays. And I think UK is a good place to get to play on Sundays, they have the coaches, the competition, and the facilities in the SEC. I think he has a better chance starring at UK and making the pros than he would possibly sitting behind two five stars at Bama or some of these other schools.

  3. You know jauk11 I mentioned exactly the same thing in your second paragraph in a previous post on playing time here at UK and I got jumped by some of the regular posters for it. As in in your last sentence be interesting if you get the same spiel I did.

  4. I really don't see any fault in my logic, or yours if you had the same thought. He could improve UKs recruiting and the perception of the program just by committing, like Micah did. I think UK has everything in place to send players to the pros, and they have proven they can by sending about 15 two stars there in the past three or four years. If he has a career ending injury at Bama before he gets to start he will be forgotten in a hurry, at UK he would still be remembered for a long time. He would help us just by committing and he would be appreciated and remembered for a long time, and for a VERY long time if he lives up to his potential.

  5. I see nothing wrong with anyones opinion on here. But if he does go to a school with 5 stars in front of him, it wont take him long to show he's better. People please dont take this wrong, if he played in a high profile state he would be a 5 star and at least ranked 2-3 at his position.

  6. The ONLY sentence on this entire page that I would quibble with is this one:

    "I think he has a better chance starring at UK and making the pros than he would possibly sitting behind two five stars at Bama or some of these other schools."

    There is a pervading mentality among UK fans -- and there has been for YEARS -- that our best players would sit behind the best players at other schools. I can remember all the way back when Eric Shelton was being recruited, there were those who said he could start at UK or ride the pines at Florida State. Why should we want other folks' bench-warmers? And the same line of thinking has been attributed to every high-profile recruit we have pursued since then.

    We need to pursue the guys who would start ANYPLACE. And, I think Dawson fits that category.

  7. Good logic. Shelton didn't play at Florida State and transfered to Louisville and was a stud. Sometimes it is all about getting the oportunity to get on the field and get game experience. Shelton also went to a team that in louisville that liked big physical running backs. A mentatlity I wish we would adopt.

    On to Dawson. He would start alot of games at UK somewhere else he could get lost in the mix but I think he is good enough to play anywhere. That being said he might not get playing time unitil his Junior year. At UK it would be almost immediate. Which to me more on playing time would help him develop at a faster rate. Being honest he will prob never see his senior season at UK. He might see redshirt Junior.

  8. From all the talk, I don't think he would ever redshirt, just like L. Warford didn't.

    What is this about Cal being involved, did he tell him he could come over to his house and hang out? Could that be a violation?

    Oh, that Cal.