Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SEC Media Day Notes: UK

Here is a snap shot of reports coming through from various sources. We will update this thread as the day continues.

Paul Warford is not listed on the UK roster (which confirms ineligibility rumors and Joker has confirmed)

Mister Cobble is listed on 3rd team for UK (academic work to complete)

William Johnson is not listed on the roster (which confirms what we reported several days ago)

Joker mentioned Myron Walker was transferring (we knew that).

First three games TV schedule released: Louisville @ 3:30pm on ABC, Western Kentucky @ 7:30 on CSS and Akron @7pm on FSN.

Notes from Joker Phillips press conference:

Four freshman still have work to do to gain eligibility (likely Trimble, Rumph, Johnson and Patterson, possibly McAdoo)

Reports everyone will be ready for camp, no injuries at this time.

QB race is even, but would like to name a starter early. Doesn't want QB to manage games, but to win games.

Joker confirms 14 verbal commitments

Randall Cobb will be the sorest guy in the league from the number of touches he is going to get.

Will recruit South Carolina and Georgia hard.

Tee Martin has a bright future as a coach. He understands facebook and can recruit.

Brian Adams is a beast!

Best advise from Coach Brooks, "Don't listen to the noise."

Joker likes how Mike Summers' OL line up and punch people in the mouth.


  1. Warford is not on the roster? That hurts.

  2. Love the home night games....trying to be optimistic with the eligibility issues.

  3. Not having Warford stinks, but I'm more concerned about Cobble. Look for Neloms to receive every opportunity as he is the tallest of CB's at 6-1. I think Priester will compete for playing time too. Trimble likely redshirts, he isn't on campus yet and the staff wants him to focus on grades his first year.

    We need Cobble badly. I think Crawford can do some good things, McCord can as well. If Rumph gets qualified and in shape he could be a factor too. Brice Laughlin is very strong for a freshman and faster than most realize. David Turner is teaching a new scheme so things are going to be different.

  4. Aaron- is Trimble eligible? You posted that he made the score necessary but I've never seen his eligibility confirmed

  5. Yes, Trimble is eligible and will report on Aug 1st.

  6. Couple of points here....

    * I was told by an insider last week that Cobble and Warford could be eligible this fall if they successfully complete and pass all of their summer school classes. Now it looks like Warford packed it in and didn't have the commitment to get the classwork done, while Cobble is still plugging away and trying to pass all of his summer classes.

    * I agree 100% with Aaron that Cobble is a huge key for UK's 2010 season. With Cobble, UK would have enough quality athletic talent and depth in the DT rotation to be competitive in most of the fall schedule's key games. This could go either way, but Cobble will be eligible if he completes and passes all of his summer classes. I am cautiously optimistic. But even if he makes it, they will have to stay on him to perform in the classroom this fall and next spring so he doesn't find himself back in this predicament a year from now.

    * The four freshmen in question are likely Patterson, McAdoo, Huguenin, and Rumph. Huguenin will attend prep school, probably back home in the Carolinas. Patterson will likely attend SW Mississippi CC or another JUCO. There have been recent rumors that Patterson might still make it into school for the fall, but that is a moonshot. McAdoo probably won't enroll this fall either. Some of these names may get admitted to UK in 2011....we will see. Jabari Johnson is due in Lexington next week, and I am hopeful his issues have been worked out. Dale Trimble is said to be ready to enroll for the fall.

    * Rumph hasn't been cleared yet, but the coaching staff still thinks Donte might make it. Let's hope so. This boils down to whether the NCAA Clearinghouse will clear Rumph after all of the latest summer school and correspondence grades are presented. Sandy Bell is the best in the business, so Rumph has a shot. They need Rumph, and Joker has basically acknowledged that Rumph (even after a two-year athletic layoff) is good enough to crack their DT two-deep chart.

    * Mychal Bailey is finishing summer school next week, and still has a shot to be eligible this fall. They really need Mychal in their safety rotation. If eligible, he might start.

    * Joker says everyone is healthy. That means Locke is 100% (as expected) and Ulinski has recovered from his concussion (which is great news).

    * When Joker specifically comments on Tee Martin's coaching career as he did today, he is telling us in so many words that Tee will be need to promoted up the chain of command to a coordinator position relatively quickly. The particulars remain to be seen, but I am betting on Recruiting Coordinator within two years. But if Randy were to leave for any reason, I hear that Tee could be offered OC if he sticks around.

    * Mike Summers is the coach on the spot because replacing four OL starters is a big task for a new coach. But Summers is a master. I'll bet UK's OL is a strength by October. Given the October schedule, it will have to be.

    * Since Joker is saying Georgia and South Carolina are fall recruiting priorities, I surmise they are putting the pedal to the metal to try to sign names like Shamier Jeffery, Justin Coleman, Mike Rose, Chris Mayes, Troy Gray, CJ Uzomah, Lorenzo Mauldin, Jared Boyd, Marcus Caffey, and Damian Swann.

  7. what happened to Tyler Brause? I see he's not on the roster?

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  9. someone knows what happened to Tyler Brause?

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