Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Status of the 2009 UK Red Shirts


We now turn our attention to the 2009 Red-shirts for the UK football team. These players have had a year in the UK system and will now be counted on to become contributors to the team for the 2010 season. The good news about these players is that in times past, some/many of them would have immediately found themselves on the field as true freshmen. As it is, they have had another year to mature, get stronger, learn the system, and in some cases deepen their understanding of the game. We will look at the players in 3 separate categories: first we will look at the big name players who are expected to contribute in some big way to the team, at players who are perceived as being key backups this season, and then at players who are more unknown as to how they may impact the team.

Players ready to step up their careers:

Ryan Mossakowski (QB): Ryan spent last year red shirting due to a shoulder injury sustained in HS. He has a rocket for an arm and at some point will make a statement for the starting QB job. If Hartline, and Newton are inconsistent, look for him to get the nod in the last few games of the year.

Mister Cobble (DT): By some accounts, Cobble could have played his freshman year, but is now a year stronger and more familiar with the system. He was a beast in HS (200 tackles his last 2 yrs), and is vertically challenged, but by all accounts, Cobble is a real player. There continue to be rumors floating that he might be academically ineligible for the 2010 season. In some ways, he is the most important cog in this year’s defense due to a dearth of impact players at the DT position.

Qua Huzzie (LB): Qua was expected to compete for playing time in the ’09 season, but was injured during training camp, and had to red shirt. Although short in stature, he is known as a playmaker, for his ability to get to the ball, as well as a ferocious hitter. Look for Qua to become a player this year, at worst he should be in the 2 deep if not starting.

Key Backup Players:

Dakotah Tyler (S): Dakotah came to UK as a RB, but has transitioned to Safety. He has speed and has spent a year at UK learning the system and getting stronger. He should be in the 2 deep at safety, and is known for his striking ability on defense. He should be a Special Teams demon.

Jarvis Walker (S): Walker has much of the same skill set as Tyler. Again, at worst, he is a Special Teams demon and may also be in the 2 deep. He really seems to have a bright future in the defensive backfield with Tyler at some point in the future, especially if Mychal Bailey does not make it to UK.

Kevin Mitchell (OL): Kevin came to UK as an underappreciated OL. He is tall at 6’ 7” and most thought that he would require at least 2 years in order to make a significant impact on the team. At this point, Kevin is listed as the #2 OLG (behind S Hines), but may have a look in the future at OT. My understanding is that Kevin is one of those pleasant surprises in the program. Obviously, Kevin has worked harder and made more progress than some thought possible which is a testimony to his work ethic.

Brian Adams (WR): Brian came to UK as an athlete and red shirted last year due to a health issue which almost cost him his life. Brian has worked hard, and according to the coaches is really beginning to separate himself from some of the other WRs (reportedly, he is one of the fastest WRs on the team). Brian may get some field time this year, but look for him to really make a statement in 2011.

Anthony Kendrick (TE): Anthony red shirted last season and is now listed as the #2 TE behind N Melilo. The TEs at UK have been very lackluster over the last 2 seasons, so he, like J Aumiller now has their chance to shine.

Jordan Aumiller (TE): Jordan has begun to create some separation between him self and other players. His chance is now.

Tristian Johnson (DE): Tristian is an undersized DE at 6’ 1”. He is probably best suited as a pass rush specialist and is really probably more suited for a 3-4 defense as a linebacker. He is known as a fierce competitor and is listed as the #2 RDE behind D Evans, and ahead of J Henderson who is really making a statement for the #2 spot.

Patrick Ligon (DE): A coach’s kid from a winning HS program. Patrick is listed as the #3 LDE (strongside) behind C Ukwu and T Wyndham. His time does not seem to be now, but in the future. If he could add about 30 lbs, he might find a home at the DT spot where we are desperate for talent.

Still a Little Away:

Sam Simpson (OL): Sam came to UK as an OC and was ranked in the Top 10 at his position by some services. Like Ligon, Sam is a Coach’s kid and is known as a competitor. At this point, he is still probably a year away from making a significant move up the depth chart. It looks like Matt Smith, Marcus Davis, and probably Jake Lanefski are ahead of him, so there is a serious log jam for him to overcome. He has also been working out at OG some, so that may also help him move up as well.

Jonathon George (RB): A truly freakish athlete (Wrestler, Track Star, and Football player). He plays a position that UK continues to improve as far as recruiting. He is deep on the depth chart with more explosive talent coming in the 2010 class. It is hard to fathom how he will get many carries unless there are a significant number of injuries at the RB position.

Ryan Mosby (WLB): Ryan came to UK and it was thought that he would push for playing time. At this point, he has had a rough go of it and at times has been lost. The word on the street is that William Johnson is no longer with the team and if true, that should give him more reps and get him more comfortable on the field, if not, he may never see the field. He seems to be the #2 WLB behind D Trevathan, like many others, he has a chance to demonstrate his skills this year.


  1. Nice report. My ONLY quibble might be to move Brian Adams up to the top group. Many feel his time is now and that he will get some serious PT, despite the presence of a number of really good WRs.

  2. Thanks for the comment!!

    To be clear, I think that Brian Adams is now probably the #4 WR behind R Cobb C Matthews, and L King. He should no doubt get some catches this year, as you point out, Yes he could surprise some of us.

    Do you think that any of the WRs might be up for a transfer? Some of them seem to be dropping down the depth chart.

  3. Nice report, although I wouldn't discount Jonathan George just yet. He looked very good in the spring game (although obviously behind Russell). Although Gainer etc. were all more highly-touted than George coming out of high school, George has already shown something on the practice field while they have not. I wouldn't be so quick to discount him over a few freshmen 3 stars with no college experience.

  4. nice article,but we must consider that may be Brian Adams will transfer to other team or group

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