Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerrell Priester 2010 UK Recruit Update

I spoke with Jerrell Priester today regarding his recruitment. He visited Vanderbilt for his official visit recently and really likes the Commodores. Jerrell also told me that he really likes Kentucky. He said he is "confused" and "needs time" to make his decision. Jerrell told me that he will decide on signing day. Jerrell said, "Neither school is in the lead".

Jerrell still needs to score an 18 on the ACT to get in at Vanderbilt. He will take the test next month. If he signs with Vandy and doesn't get the score he will go to prep school. If he signs with Kentucky he can get accepted.

Jerrell told me that his parents have been to Vanderbilt, but they didn't make it to Kentucky. It sounds like his family is leaning towards Vanderbilt while his coaches like Kentucky. Clearly Jerrell likes the Kentucky football program, but also likes the coaches at Vanderbilt.

Jerrell is a very good kid and should take as much time as he needs to make the best decision for him. It's a life changing decision and everyone needs to remember that when these players are trying to decide on their future it can become confusing.


  1. Nice tidbit. Where do you see him playing if he commits to UK?

  2. He's not going to Kentucky. He's confused because people keep calling him trying to get him to change his mind. He's going to Vanderbilt and that's it.

  3. If Jerrell comes to UK he likely ends up in the secondary. He told me that is what he wants to do. However, Joker did talk to him about playing receiver and the "wildcat". Vandy is on him hard and the coaches are coming in for an in-home next week.

    This isn't the first time I have spoken with Jerrell. He is a good kid and yes he is torn. Recruiting isn't all fun and games. If you think I call recruits and try to change their minds you are mistaken. There is a very fine line that I must walk when talking to recruits.

    Vanderbilt and Kentucky are both great schools. The question for Jerrell is what does he want out of college? Does he want a Vandy degree? Which is very nice and likely carries more weight than a UK degree in the professional world? Or does he want to go to a football school? He will make the best decision for him, I have no doubt. If he goes to Vandy, I will be pulling for him personally.

  4. with all due respect and understanding UK has had a nice run of bowl appearances but can you really refer to UK as a "football" school?

  5. also sounds like his coaches need to get out of the way.

  6. I think you can consider UK a "football school" now. The Cats play in the SEC, have been to four consecutive bowl games, beat two traditional powerhouses on the road last year, beat #1 LSU a couple of years ago. I'm no fool, UK loves thier roundball, but they pack in a pretty good crowd and following for football too. Trust me, I see the traffic on this site.

    I would love for UK to play Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Michigan or anybody for that matter. The Cats play Florida, Alabama, Georgia and the rest of the SEC year after year.

    I realize I'm for UK, but the program is changing and here to stay.

    As far as Priester is concerned. I think his family and coaches are a good start to help him figure things out. He probably has a lot of trush in his coaches as he probably should.

    If I was Jerrell, I would call both schools to come down for an in-home visit to plead their case. Typically when it comes down to coaches and family, the family wins.

    I realize this thread has been linked to a Vandy site, which is cool. I personally was recruited by Vandy (by Dennis Harrison) and think Vanderbilt is a great school.

  7. I truly think that UK would be a better fit for him with with better talent around him at UK he has a better chance of getting better and going to the nfl. Plus a degree is a degree unless you ar in a special field. I should I have a degree from Centre Coll here in Kentucky it has been a big help here in Kentucky however out of state its just a degree.

  8. I think Priester would be a good fit at UK. I'm not convinced he should play cornerback. The receivers in the SEC continue to get bigger. I think Priester would make a good receiver with his play making ability. He is very shifty like Randall Cobb.